Daimler Truck North America

The Truck Company That Doesn’t Build Trucks


Last year, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) spun off from its parent company, Daimler AG. With this structural change, DTNA aimed to maintain its position as a leader in the transportation space while more efficiently operating as an independent entity.

While the spin-off was an exciting move for the company, any change this large can also inspire uncertainty. To stoke passion, excitement and confidence around the brand, we were tasked with creating a video the DTNA leaders could rally around.

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Daimler is so much more than the trucks, buses and components they build. They move people, animals, essential items – anything made, grown, bought or sold. For the DTNA purpose video, our concept was “We don’t build trucks,” based on the idea that Daimler is so much more than the products they build. Because Daimler doesn’t just build trucks – they move the world.


As the video was a hit internally, Daimler decided to share with the world. “We don’t build trucks” has since become the creative direction for several other DTNA marketing pieces, from talent recruitment to corporate sponsorship activations.