Staying Miles Ahead


When it came to developing eMobility solutions, DTNA and Freightliner took a conservative approach, preferring to make sure what they brought to market was well-proven before they even talked about it. However, non-traditional companies like Tesla and Nikola were getting all the attention, media coverage and excitement for heavy-duty trucking. This situation was a catalyst for DTNA and Freightliner to start making some noise about the years of work they’d put into developing their electric vehicles and infrastructure.

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Our team of problem solvers used their strategic experience to help Freightliner announce their achievements to the world. They understood, as the client did, that Freightliner’s advancements weren’t just built on projections and computer models. They were built on decades of heavy-duty truck manufacturing experience and on millions of miles of real-world performance. These were vehicles already backed by an extensive parts and service network, and supported by a company who knows what help fleets need to succeed. In other words, Freightliner electric trucks were built for the real world.


Armed with this position, our creative visionaries developed the Miles Ahead campaign. It was both a literal and figurative expression of where Freightliner was in the electric truck race compared to the competition. The work showed that Freightliner electric trucks weren’t just ready for the road, they were already racking up miles in real fleets and hauling real loads. Consisting of print ads, multi-page magazine inserts, a video series, truck wraps, a traveling roadshow, social media, blogs, emails and numerous native and display digital ads, it was work that got noticed and let people know just how far ahead Freightliner really is. In fact, over the first two months, the performance of the campaign was as impressive as that of the trucks.

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