Western Star

Setting the stage for the future.


On one level, our challenge with this project was to announce and celebrate Western Star’s fiftieth anniversary. In reality, it was the first step in a transformation of Western Star. Soon the company would revamp their entire lineup, embracing the latest technology and safety, which in the minds of many of their customers equaled trucks that maybe weren’t as tough. Our goal was to celebrate fifty years of Western Star building the world’s toughest trucks – and set the stage to let that same world know that Western Star is just getting started.

capabilities tested

Art Direction & Design
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy & Development
Customer Insights
Digital Development
Media Planning & Buying
Social Media


Given the changes that were coming, our goal was to reinforce that Western Star owns tough. In a category known for toughness, we wanted them to believe that building the world’s toughest trucks is all Western Star has done for 50 years, and is exactly the kind of truck they needed for their business.

To help Western Star through this transformation, our team of change agents and creative visionaries created the 50 Years of Legendary Awesomeness campaign. Using the swagger, humor and hyperbole that has always set Western Star apart from its competitors, we made the case that for half a century, Western Star isn’t just tough, it’s legendary.


With a mix of print ads, digital banners, a microsite, social media posts, calendar, dealer kits, dealer meeting materials, videos and wearables, we were able to create work that was talked about and asked for, and elevated the brand. By working as an extension of the client team, we were able to offer strategic insight that reinforced their current position of toughness, which has continued through the launch of their latest truck. Today, market research continues to show Western Star with leading brand recognition for toughness and durability.