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Central Oregon is famous for its rugged, wild beauty. After all, that’s why thousands of people visit the area each year. But Central Oregon was missing out on many more visitors who enjoy the outdoors at more of a distance. Visitors who are interested in fine dining, spa services and luxury services. Fortunately, there is an upscale side to the area that’s not as well known. Our challenge was to make these potential new visitors aware.

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Art Direction
Digital Development
Media Planning & Buying


Luxury services can be had nearly anywhere. What we needed to do was reach those people who wanted to experience the grandeur of Central Oregon with something more. Someone who might want to hike or fish in the morning, then enjoy shopping, a massage or a world-class dinner later. Using our consultative expertise and strategic experience, we developed the approach of inviting travelers to Indulge in Central Oregon. Our creative visionaries then developed a campaign to elevate the brand by juxtaposing the rugged beauty of the area with the luxurious amenities available, highlighting the features of both elements of a Central Oregon vacation.


Using a combination of print and digital media, we made the most of a limited budget. We targeted neighborhoods in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and San Francisco Bay areas that met the demographics, and bought placements with leading travel sites and publications. The luxury campaign was one of several campaigns that ran concurrently. Overall, the client experienced continued growth in room tax revenue and occupancy rates.