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It’s not often that a company dating back over 100 years is seen as a newbie. But that’s where Meritor found itself upon entering the electric powertrain market. Already a successful manufacturer of commercial vehicle products, they wanted to create a new global brand and solidify the perception of Meritor as a leader in innovation and technology. They decided to go big with an entirely new division focused on future of transportation as a whole. To help transform, the leadership team turned to the problem solvers and business consultants at HMH for their expertise as change agents in the transportation industry.

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In-depth research and data provided an uncommon understanding of the client’s customers. This enabled our creative visionaries to lay the ground work for a brand that would become a game-changer: Blue Horizon. Though entirely new, it leveraged the equity of Meritor, elevating the brand experience by focusing on a commitment to advanced technologies and electric solutions moving forward. In addition to the name and logo, HMH created a brand manifesto, brochure and advertising materials. It was work that got talked about and caught the industry’s attention.


HMH created an advanced technology brand that sparked an immediate shift within the market and elevated Meritor’s presence in the electrification/technology space. The Blue Horizon name and logo captured the spirit of innovation and forward-thinking stance that Meritor sought, helping the company evolve and successfully roll out advanced technology programs around the world. Working as an extension of our client’s team, our knowledge of advanced technologies from our other transportation clients helped us provide insightful guidance and creative solutions. Meritor now has 24 advanced technology programs globally across all applications and financial performance continues with positive momentum. In the words of Meritor’s CMO, “Blue Horizon was a game changer for Meritor in how customers perceived the company.”