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Freightliner has been a leader in building vocational trucks for years. Buyers know that and feel Freightliner has a strong lineup of vocational trucks. The challenge is that they also believe the same of many competitor brands. Our goal was to sharpen Freightliner’s edge in the vocational space by making it unmistakably clear that Freightliner is the best ally a business can have. At the end of the day, we wanted them to believe that Freightliner makes the most sense for the work they do. And that Freightliner has designed their trucks—and the entire experience of ownership—to make their jobs easier and hassle-free.

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Vocational businesses are demanding every single day. Whether they’re hauling 14 cubic yards of dirt from a jobsite or making 120 residential deliveries, trucks are tools they depend on to work for them consistently. And Freightliner gets that when you rely on your truck every day, you need an everyday truck. Our team of creative visionaries understood our client’s needs to convey that message to their audience. They created a campaign that relates how Freightliner Trucks deliver incredible performance so reliably that it’s expected. The idea: Just your Everyday Truck. This “humble brag” enabled us to tell the story that this truck just does its job day in and day out, bringing customers the most productivity. To build on the strength of the message, we also tailored the copy to each of seven different audiences, highlighting the benefits Freightliner brought to their specific vocation.


By creating work that’s talked about, we’ve been able to help Freightliner maintain their position in the segment, even with unexpected market volatility this year. In fact, it was work that was talked about enough to win Best of Show for Copywriting at the Charlotte Addys.