The Future
of Transportation

At HMH, we’re excited to launch The Future of Transportation podcast. In each episode we’ll explore relevant topics and gather insights from transportation industry experts.

July 2021

06 | Patrick Goddard

Our guest for this episode is Patrick Goddard, president of Brightline, the first privately owned and operated intercity passenger rail system in over 100 years.

June 2021

05 | Dr. Anne Goodchild

The supply chain and logistics expert talks about some of the challenges and benefits involved in improving urban freight and delivery.

May 2021

04 | Minsoo Pak

The certified futurist helped us look down the road toward which industries will be impacted by the adoption of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles; talked about how commuting will change as a result of new technology; and even discussed teleportation.

May 2021

03 | Jacob Bolin

The Plug-in NC program manager offers insights on a number of topics related to electric vehicles, including consumer barriers to entry, why charging isn’t as difficult as people think, and how utility companies are moving the EV category forward.

April 2021

02 | Paul Cozza

The former North Carolina Ports CEO shares his thoughts on the continuing rise of e-commerce, including how some companies have been able to innovate, scale and adapt to meet demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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March 2021

01 | Ed Herinckx

The president of HMH Agency joins us for our premiere episode to chat about the agency’s focus, the evolution of transportation marketing and an innovative app idea that involves multiple modes of transportation.