November 2022

14 | Bill Loewenthal

Our guest for this episode is Bill Loewenthal, Chief Product Officer at ChargePoint. Bill talked with us about how different catalysts spur different sectors toward EV adoption, and why ChargePoint is more about technology than hardware.

October 2022

13 | David Black

Our guest for this episode is David Black from FlowBelow. David shares some insight on fleet challenges, the future of truck driving and aerodynamics, based on his quarter century in the fleet business.

June 2022

12 | Erik Bakke

Our guest for this episode is Erik Bakke from AMPLY Power. With more than 20 years in the energy industry, Erik shares his expertise on developing EV infrastructure projects, and whether utility companies are ready for them.

July 2022

11 | Impact of the IIJA

A panel of guests from Intel, Dell and the City of Austin share their thoughts on the transportation impact from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Visit Intel’s website for a look at their informative eBook on the IIJA!

March 2022

10 | Matt Teske

Our guest for this episode is Matt Teske, founder and CEO of Chargeway, which puts people in contact with “electric fuel that’s easy to find, easy to use and easy to fit into their lives.”


February 2022

09 | Desmond Wheatley

Our guest for this episode is Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Beam Global, which creates renewable energized products for EV charging infrastructure.