Wood for Good

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

You may be familiar with Trend Hunter, a trend community that proudly describes its appeal to the ‘insatiably curious.’ Hey, that sounds like us!

Our relationship with Trend Hunter has sparked some interesting conversations and highlighted some thought-provoking ideas. One of those is a trend spotlighting wood being incorporated into electric vehicles. The alignment of ‘good for the earth’ electric and natural sustainable wood makes perfect sense. And, it’s not just about wood and electric. It’s bigger than that. This fusion supports the emphasis many people are placing on natural ingredients and materials in other parts of their lives. Natural is good. Artificial not so much.   

Have you imagined the following?

A wooden electric scooter by Yankodesign

Wooden bike | HMH Agency

An organically accented motorycyle designed by Newron Motors

Wooden motorcycle | HMH Agency

Wood-accented electric bikes by Vintage Electric Bikes

Wooden e-bike | HMH  Agency

Beautiful? Yes.

Functional? Yes.

Purposeful? Yes.

Good for the earth, YES! These concepts make it clear that we don’t have to give up form over function to play a part in creating a better world tomorrow. That’s what you call a win-win.