When Not Sharing News Helps Your Brand

By Christina Chu | Public Relations Account Supervisor

In the full spectrum of marketing, public relations is often a much more conservative trade as compared to its advertising counterpart. Let’s face it, the standard dress code for your average PRSA meeting is a suit and tie (or at least a blazer), while the members of AAF sport jeans, plaid shirts and sometimes even flip flops.

Being on the public relations side of the business, it is easy to envy the creatives. While public relations is highly strategic and creative, it still dictates coloring inside the lines of AP style, and fact checking all details before disseminating news. But, once in a while, there is an opportunity to color outside the lines – at least a little bit.

A recent press release from Taco Bell did just that. Their recent press release announcing Taco Bell’s return to the Super Bowl was splattered with redacted information – key information at that.

The simple rules of public relations dictate that press releases contain key information in an easy to digest format. Releasing formal news with all key information redacted is unorthodox and definitely coloring outside of the lines. From the contact information to the new product that Taco Bell would be debuting, the press release is missing so much information…but that is what makes it intriguing and oh so fun. By NOT including key information, the marketing team for Taco Bell actually created a lot more buzz.

In a world where media inboxes are strewn with hundreds of press releases, this one would definitely stand out and likely get coverage because it is so creative. It is a great reminder that public relations doesn’t always have to be so black and white. And in public relations, having some fun could mean added success for your brand.