When Marketing is More Than Just Metrics

By Christina Chu | Public Relations Account Supervisor

Too often in marketing, we get wrapped up in the glitz and glamour of stunning photography, witty copywriting, compelling calls to action, and shiny new marketing tools.

We’re driven by good work with strong analytics that produce customer results. And there is nothing wrong with that. But every once in a while you get one of those clients that you just fall in love with and the work you create flows from the heart instead of through creative brainstorming sessions.

Earlier this year, we were lucky to work with such a client – the Greater Charlotte Purple Heart Foundation.

Amazingly enough, there are over 55,000 veterans living in Mecklenburg County, many of whom are Purple Heart recipients. But, sadly, most Purple Heart Recipients have not been publicly recognized for their service and rarely talk about their time in duty. That’s where this honorable event came into play. HMH, along with a number of community volunteers, put together and promoted a large-scale dinner to properly honor Purple Heart recipients in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area.

These Purple Heart recipients put their lives on the line for our country, so the least we could do was honor their service. Through a compelling website, collateral materials and media outreach, HMH helped fill the room of the Le Meredian Hotel with hundreds of Purple Heart recipients and their families, and lots of gratitude and tears.

By any estimate, the event was a huge success. But, this time, it didn’t come down to metrics.  It came down to the individuals whose lives we helped touch. It was about creating a memorable event that not only lasted a few hours, but one that will last in the hearts of Purple Heart recipients and families for years to come.

Aside from the awards, pats on the back and accolades, just knowing you helped make a small sliver of the world a better place is the best reminder of why we are marketers. This is why we do what we do.