Vroom Vroom

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

I don’t know about you, but I think motorcycles and two-wheelers could use a little more attention. It seems all the future-focused vehicle chatter lately is about everything BUT them. Why is that? They should have a solid place in the future of evolving and interesting modes of transportation right alongside cars, trains, planes, boats, and all the others.  So, where’s the love? What does their future look like?

Looking for clues to confirm or contradict my observation, I turned to TrendHunter. And I found more than I imagined. There are dozens and dozens of unique TrendHunter-curated examples of cycle love. Electric and AI-enabled creations, with designs ranging from retro to modern to minimalistic, and even a few fashion-inspired styles, just to name a few.

I chose three to share.   


You undoubtedly know Braun – the personal grooming appliance manufacturer. Well, this beautiful Motorbike from BraunAutomotive was designed by Victor Groten Rico. It certainly looks futuristic, but its color scheme is retro and was inspired by Braun’s Sixtant SM31 Shaver from the early ‘60s. Nice way to bring an original brand story into a newer brand story. And a little unexpected, which never hurts!

Image Credit: Braun

Another unexpected product from a well-known brand is this e-bike from French luxury fashion label Yves Saint Laurent. While it’s not a motorcycle, this bike is the most unexpected product from the brand’s “The Ride” line which features motorcycle jackets and biker helmets among other items. Check out the branding on the tires. Not your ‘typical’ biker brand, which makes it so much fun!

Image Credit: Saint Laurent

OK, this motorbike designed by NMoto, is staying in its BMW-influenced product lane, but wow, what a strong retro spin with current day cues. According to NMoto, this attention-getting beauty was inspired by the 1936 K.J Henderson Courtney Prototype. Yep. That’s easy to see. Add to that the grille which resembles current-day BMWs, and this design bringing together past, current and future is impeccable.

Image Credit: NMoto

If strong established brands are exploring and imagining what these two-wheeled people-movers can be, that’s a sure sign that cycles, in many shapes and forms, will continue to create awe and excitement as we all navigate an ever-changing world of mobility and transportation. Because really, a world without them just wouldn’t be right.