True Perspectives

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

Author Andy Crouch identified ‘the self shot’ as one of the top trends of the past decade. I find that pretty interesting. At first thought it seems so small and insignificant in the context of trends. But when you look deeper, it begins to make sense. Think about the fact that before the Selfie, pretty much the only way we could get a direct picture of ourselves, by ourselves, was through the view of a mirror. It’s a view that’s distorted; what’s left is right and what’s right is left. It’s not quite true or real.

Now, with the common place use of the Selfie, we can, with little effort, see ourselves the way others see us…with no distortion. That reality changes the way we present ourselves for public viewing. And I would argue it’s had an impact on our desire to become a little more ‘perfect’ for the world; now that we really see what others see. So, it’s not just a different way to take a picture, it’s a different self-awareness perspective. That’s where the significance for society lies and that’s why a small thing like a new way to take a picture has changed the way we interact with each other and feel about ourselves. That’s the sort of thing trends are made of. I get it now.