Through the Eyes of an Intern


Gage Cox is currently a student at Portland Community College.  He is interested in majoring in marketing and likely transferring to University of Oregon. HMH was happy to have him intern for 6 weeks and get a first-hand look at the agency side of the advertising and marketing biz.

I’ve learned quite a lot during my short time here at HMH. Some of the things I’ve learned will be helpful to me with the rest of my academic career and after, when I get my first job opportunity. Other things I would classify as “HMH Wisdom” that has been bestowed upon me.

Some practical things I’ve learned:

  • It requires a team effort to complete a job
  • You need to be well organized, because there’s always a lot of things happening at once
  • There’s a ridiculous amount of acronyms
  • Communication is key, and makes everything work more smoothly
  • The industry is always changing and you need to keep up in order to be successful
  • There’s a whole lot of meetings

Some HMH Wisdom:

  • You should eat tacos at least once a week, and not necessarily on Tuesday
  • Just because you’re working in an office doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be boring
  • If you don’t understand sarcasm, you’ll have a hard time at HMH
  • Your job is a lot more fun when you’re working with people you like

Overall, the time I’ve been fortunate enough to spend here at HMH has been a great experience that has taught me many things, along with giving me my first insight into the industry. I’m very thankful for being given this opportunity.