Through the Eyes of an Intern: Savannah Jackson


This blog post was written by our graphic design intern, Savannah Jackson.

Don’t particularly feel like the movie portrayal of an “intern” – just feel like someone who does less work/calendar appointments and generally has less responsibility than others. Really appreciate that because I have had an internship where I just did grunt work – all the time while learning nothing. And on the opposite side, I have had experiences where they assume I know everything and give me a typical employee amount of responsibility. So I love the balance that HMH has of not only the types of work that I’m given, but also maintaining a balance of casual and professional.

Do feel like a third wheel when around Shawn and Teddy – but happy for them that their bromance is thriving.

Don’t know why no one from other offices talks to each other.

Do know that I should let Amanda work and not talk so much.

Don’t know how many times I can go to the Rhino before it becomes excessive.

Do know that I should laugh at all of Shawn’s jokes… even if it’s hard.

Don’t ever call Shawn “dad,” or anything that would remind him of his age.

Do know not to laugh too hard at Teddy’s jokes as to not boost his ego even more.

Don’t know when to expect corgis (but it is such an awesome day when they spontaneously appear).

Do know to get coffee every morning because 1- it’s free; 2- it’s necessary.

Don’t know how Teddy thinks of great ideas so quickly!! I even came to him for Father’s Day gift ideas and he was so spot on! (but he was first offended that I thought he and my Dad were in the same demographic).