Through the Eyes of an Intern: Joel Vandekieft


This blog post was written by our copywriter intern, Joel VandeKieft.

Starting any new job can be a hard experience. Starting your first job right out of college is an even harder experience, especially when you graduated from college on Sunday and started your job on Monday. HMH is a very friendly place that certainly welcomed me with open arms. That being said, my first day felt like what I imagined jumping on a moving train would be like.

I jumped right into the world of advertising and felt like an open book. Within my first 8 hours, I had attended a client briefing and already been assigned my first big project. There was about an hour of introduction and preparation, then it was right to work. My very recent college education had given me some knowledge that was put to use (money well spent); my past work experience, however, which comprises several restaurant jobs and security at Ross, had not.

This first week has taught me a lot and has been quite the experience. My five “things to know” for future interns/employees/enthusiasts:

  1. Learn names quickly. Nothing is more awkward than calling someone the wrong name for an entire day.
  2. Stay hydrated. Red Bull or coffee every hour. The occasional water is recommended.
  3. Master the tech. Outlook and Google Drive are some great tools for any workplace. Be ready for multiple web browsers with multiple tabs with multiple projects.
  4. Expect to be a deer in the headlights. If you’re like me and haven’t worked in the ad industry yet, you’ll feel a little behind, but it’ll pass.
  5. Have some fun, dammit.