Things Are Looking Rosey


It’s great to win awards for the work we love creating.  It’s even better to be honored with those wins by renowned creative judges who don’t easily hand out the compliments (or the awards). Wait for it…wait for it…

HMH has won a highly-acclaimed (and sparingly given) ROSEY Award from the Portland Advertising Federation for the TriMet Tilikum Crossing Pendleton Blanket.

Other notable PAF Rosey night wins include an Award of Excellence for the Palmetto Bluff ‘Oyster Roast’ Airport Charging Station and an Award of Merit for the Palmetto Bluff ‘Lowcountry Boil’ Airport Charging Station.

Thank you Rosey judges, for honoring some extraordinary work for these rock star clients. Time to snuggle up in a warm blanket and have a seafood snack. Next year’s Rosey’s will be here before we know it.