The Will Ferrell EV Super Bowl Ad Saga Continues

By Christina Chu | Public Relations Account Supervisor

A couple of months ago, we shared with you one of the star advertisements during Super Bowl LV – a humorous ad leveraging Will Ferrell to promote General Motor’s new focus on EV technology. In the original ad, Ferrell mocks Norway as the top producer of electric vehicles. “Really, Norway?”

He then goes on to rally America to “crush Norway” and their dominance in EV production.  The ad ends with “We’re Coming Norway.”

Fast forward a couple months and it seems that the General Motors ad has gotten more than just our attention. In fact, Norway has taken notice.

Through four separate ads, Audi Norway, University of Adger, Bertel O. Steen and Visit Norway each developed their own ads to counter the threat of Will Ferrell. In the ads, through their own sense of humor, they not only established Norway as the ongoing leader in EV production (among other things), but they also corrected some of Will’s misunderstandings about the great country of Norway.

While the friendly banter between the two countries is fun to watch, Norway’s response has even bigger implications. Through competition – whether in advertising or manufacturing and innovation – we are all pushing each other to do better. So, even if Norway is the leader in EV production, their dominance in the industry and the foundation that they’ve built will only make us better. And I’d even venture to guess that somewhere behind the curtain of this competition, a little collaboration may even be taking place.

Here’s to all moving towards a cleaner future together (or separately…either way).

Audi Norway
Visit Norway
Bertel O. Steen
University of Adger