The Path to Done

By John Halpin | Associate Account Director

The Port of Wilmington – operated by the North Carolina State Ports Authority – is the fastest port on the East Coast, in terms of crane moves per hour and truck turnaround times. If you’re delivering or receiving cargo at Wilmington, you get in and out of the port really, really fast.

In an industry that commonly communicates messages of efficiency, NC Ports’ marketing efforts had to be more than that to stand out. They needed to maintain their usual, welcoming tone, in a way that told potential customers that they can help Get. Stuff. Done. Not just fast, but faster than the competition.

Soon, the Welcome to Done campaign was launched.


When we first started working with NC Ports in 2015, our research included conversations with some of their customers. We quickly realized that their price of admission was a partner that made complex logistical challenges easier. More recently, infrastructure improvements at Wilmington have amplified NC Ports’ straightforward, customer-friendly style. HMH helped them strengthen the message further via strategic approaches in social and digital media.


The Welcome to Done campaign has included print ads, digital banners, eblasts, LinkedIn ads, and six-second programmatic videos – because a fast port should have fast ads, right? The programmatic and LinkedIn efforts were new tactics for a client that has traditionally sought to reach a specific niche.


The targeted programmatic and LinkedIn buys devised by our media team worked well. Significant increases in website sessions came from the videos, with evidence that viewers were in a more focused audience than ever before. The initial LinkedIn flight delivered an above-average click through rate with visitors that were specifically identified as high-value in tandem with the client. These tactics boosted the campaign’s strategic, creative approach.

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