The New Strategy Behind a Winning Strategy

By Steve Marshall | Chief Growth Officer

HMH Agency’s president, Ed Herinckx, and Brand Strategy Director, Denise Hollingsworth, recently had an opportunity to present to a diverse group of senior executives representing some of the largest B2B and B2C brands in the world at Richmond Event’s Strategic Marketing Forum.

One of the many benefits that comes with HMH being 43 years old is that we’ve seen a thing or two. HMH is an advertising and communications agency, and we know the importance of the annual work our clients do to anchor their marketing goals in strategic planning. The challenge, however, is that strategy documents usually end up being long, complex and hard for teams across an organization to leverage as a foundation for decision making as they set out to accomplish their objectives.

The solution to this challenge is something we developed years ago for our client partners, and we used this forum as an opportunity to share with other leaders who would benefit from our process.

The Strategy Snapshot® is a proprietary HMH tool for developing a focused brand communications strategy that organizations can easily align around and use daily. The magic is that while the snapshot is still built on the same strategic principles, it’s a concise, flexible and visually engaging approach of showcasing critical branding information for team members.

We encourage brands to ground their snapshot in their corporate vision, mission, brand position, messaging pillars and proof points. But we also recommend they include goals, target markets and audiences, as well as business, sales and communications strategies and tactics.

How do you include all that critical information but keep it simple? It’s about prioritization – knowing what matters and what doesn’t – and then using information design in ways that’s still on-brand but also memorable, sharable and actionable.

One of our senior clients at Daimler Trucks North America said, “The Strategy Snapshot addresses the problem of information overload and has been helpful in creating alignment across multiple stakeholder groups, from brand communications, to product marketing, to corporate communications, to executive leadership. The simplicity and visual nature of the tool makes it easy to share and has helped to keep our team synchronized and focused on ‘the critical few’.”

If you want to learn more about this process or any of our other problem-solving tools, we hope you’ll introduce yourself.