The last mile just got a lot more interesting

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

Trend Hunter has inspired this month’s topic – new ways to make the last mile – the idea of getting something, or someone, through the final steps to their destinations – a whole lot more fun.

First up is the Smacircle electric kick scooter. This last-mile electric scooter was designed by Rice Mak. It provides travelers the ability to quickly get on to the last leg of their journey with a click (or ten). Whether emerging from a nearby subway station, bus or even a parking spot that’s too far for a comfortable walk, this compact ride couldn’t be more convenient. And to make its design even better, this clever transport tool breaks down and fits in its own backpack. So, yes, you can take it pretty much anywhere. Walking…even for a short distance…is now officially over-rated.

Smacircle via TrendHunter

Next, if it’s not YOU that needs a way to easily get to the final leg of a destination, but rather a package, enter the conceptual POD, designed by Juan Jose Foc. This eco-friendly last-mile transport vehicle is easy to operate, and it doesn’t require a license or insurance. What’s not to love?

POD by Juan Jose Foc via TrendHunter

Lastly, if autonomous last-mile delivery is more interesting to you, the concept IAV Cargobike may be just the thing. This contactless, autonomous vehicle minimizes human interaction and effort. And it gets even better. In ‘follow’ mode this cute little thing will be at your heels until you’re ready to ride again. It’s pretty much like having your own chauffeur, but you’re in the driver’s seat.  

IAV Cargo Bike via TrendHunter

All of these thoughtfully designed and innovative, last-mile examples lead with two key needs for success from both a product and societal standpoint: sustainability and convenience.  Products like these will surely enhance our lives today and into the future. You just wait and see.