The Future, Right on Schedule

By Christina Chu | Public Relations Account Supervisor

For the past few decades, school buses have stayed relatively the same. Sure, new safety features have been added, and engines and components have been updated, but the iconic yellow school bus today doesn’t look that much different than it did 50 years ago. So, as far as school buses are concerned, what does the future look like? That’s a question we posed to transportation directors, school boards, superintendents and even parents in our recent campaign for Thomas Built Buses entitled “The Future, Right on Schedule.”

The truth is, the future of school buses is here today, and many don’t even realize it. That’s the message we helped to convey for our client Thomas Built Buses. Through a multi-channel campaign rich in storytelling and imagination, we introduced the new Saf-T-Liner® C2 Jouley® electric school bus, which looks almost identical to any other Thomas Built school bus on the road.

But on the inside, it’s dramatically different.

These new buses have been operating on the roads, transporting students while silently offering the added benefit of zero emissions out of the tailpipe, no noise pollution and much less maintenance for schools.

The campaign featured a series of print ads, digital ads, social media posts and a video that explored what the future of student transportation could look like. Rocket ships? Flying buses? Or maybe just your typical yellow school bus undercover. Either way, the future is clean, green (or yellow) and here today.