Taking Charge of Global Brand Perception

By Mary McCormick | Copywriter

At HMH, we pride ourselves on being “idea people” and believe great ideas can come from anywhere. This was the case for Meritor’s Run With The Bull campaign. A company teeming with success for over 100 years, Meritor wanted to maintain their reputation of reliability while also letting customers know that they’re forward-thinking–and ready to take innovation by the horns.

They came to us with the “Run With The Bull” campaign line, which they felt captured those feelings. Our task? To, well, run with it and create an emotional connection between the brand, its audiences and employees.

Here’s What We Did

With the help of CGI magic, we created a winged bull. As these legendary creatures are few and far between, we felt this a fair comparison to the unrivaled brand that is Meritor. With our bull, we created an integrated campaign that included print and digital ads, a manifesto, messaging platforms, building signage, trade show support, videos, logo updates, guidelines and more.

Using the same dark background on each piece, we elevated Meritor’s heavy-duty products as art while capturing the strength and beauty of what they manufacture. To complement this, we crafted lines to instill pride and excitement about the brand, both internally and externally.

Here’s What Happened

Meritor’s brand refresh perfectly coincided with their plans for growth and innovation. Run With The Bull got people talking and instilled the idea that working with Meritor will move your business forward.

If you want to win, you Run With The Bull. Check out our full case study to see the work, results and more from this Meritor campaign.