Sun Blocks, Road Blocks and Ad Blocks


It is estimated that currently 400 million people worldwide and 75 million users in the United States use ad blockers. That is a whopping one quarter of all Internet users that are blocking the ads that we put so much time, money and resources into creating.

In fact, some have called this the largest boycott in humanity.

With news of Google’s new ad blocking technology, this number will continue to grow, putting pressure on publishers and advertisers alike to improve user experience while also keeping content free.  So how do you avoid ad blocking for your campaign?

Start by not giving users a reason to block your ads in the first place.


  • Plan for ad units that users want to engage with such as rich media, video and native ads. Make the content meaningful, even enjoyable. Not annoying.  And give the users control.  Allow them to skip ads, play the content, turn up the sound, etc.
  • Avoid intrusive ads. Again, you want to create ads that enrich the user experience.
  • Target and segment your audiences better. Really try. Use research, analytics and insights to target your intended audiences instead of speaking to the masses.

Let’s face it, these tips are nothing new and really come down to Marketing 101.   But the truth is that great ads that reach the right audience at the right time get shared, talked about and remembered.  The ads that annoy or are bland are skipped, forgotten or just blocked.

Which do you want for your brand?