Staying Tru to the Brand


TruWood is a leader in high-quality engineered wood siding and trim. So when the family-owned company began adding a Borate coating process to protect against Mother Nature, we wanted it to feel like a natural extension of the company’s commitment to excellence.

We began by developing a new name for the Borate process. The “EcoGuard” moniker reflected the environmentally-friendly nature of the process and its ability to defend against environmental damage (think mildew, rot and termite damage). We then created a logo that could be incorporated into all TruWood marketing materials, from spec sheets and packaging to print ads and signage. We took special care to keep the brand’s personality front and center, seamlessly integrating the new benefit into all communications.
The efforts informed TruWood’s longtime loves and newbies about the benefits of EcoGuard. And made the company’s latest addition feel as integrated as, well, Borate treatment in siding and trim.