Staying Miles Ahead

By John Halpin | Associate Account Director

Electric vehicles have generated a lot of buzz this year. General Motors is all in on EVs. The U.S. government is taking more steps to electrify its fleet. And you can’t go anywhere without hearing something about Tesla. Heck, Elon Musk is hosting Saturday Night Live this week.

Our clients at Freightliner are part of this ecosystem, as they’ve been developing electric vehicles and infrastructure for years. But to become a bigger part of the conversation, we knew their heavy-duty trucks needed to be viewed as sleek and futuristic and really, really cool.

With the Miles Ahead campaign, we attempted to achieve just that.


Unlike some companies that relentlessly self-promote before they have products or profits, Freightliner has decades of manufacturing experience and a huge base of satisfied customers. Thanks to a real-world perspective on real challenges encountered by real businesses, our team saw the strategic opportunity to tell a cutting-edge story for a trusted, reliable company.


Our creative work in the Miles Ahead campaign showcases where Freightliner is in the electric truck race compared to the competition. The trucks weren’t just ready to get on the road – they were already there, with real fleets hauling real loads. The electric truck design – which we called “Tron” for obvious reasons – showed up in print, videos, social media, digital ads, traveling roadshows and more, turning heads everywhere they appeared.


It’s fun trying to reach audiences with an interesting, new campaign like this. That showed in the results, with the first two months generating more than 3.5 million impressions, 18,000 clicks and an 82 percent completion rate for video views. We found that when people start looking at Freightliner’s electric trucks, they can’t seem to stop.

See the work and check out more of the details in our case study.