So Long, Summer Internship


Our three summer interns – Joel, Savannah and John-Michael – took some time to share some parting wisdom with us.


My first perspective on working at an ad agency was one of intimidation. Even though agencies have quick deadlines, they still have really good ideas – so, I thought, how can I ever think of genius things so quickly – so can I even do this?

Now I am still intimidated and I see that everyone is actually even better at their job than I previously thought. But I also think that I am even better than I initially thought. I was able to be an “art director” for the whole Travaasa intern project and I was fairly happy with that outcome. I am now able to think about the larger story behind an ad concept instead of just the design. I’m thinking more about the probable context of anyone seeing this ad and the emotions that go with it.

I have never worked with anyone who works directly with the clients besides other designers, so I would say that a huge part of my experience was learning the best way to communicate with others and understanding what it is that people really want. I know that sometimes the miscommunication that happens from client to AE to creative can be kind of a pain, but it is a heck of a lot better than dealing with the client myself.

I’m so grateful for this learning experience. I know that this will not only help me with the last year of college, but definitely with real-world experiences.


With the summer nearing its end, my illustrious career as a creative intern has come to a close. This job has been so much more than I had ever expected. From presenting to the entire agency (Including the Charlotte office via video conference) to working offsite to update the agency’s own website, this internship has been an amazing start to my career in advertising. HMH balances a classic agency wild side with down-to-earth friendliness, and it has been a great kickstart to my very fresh career path. The knowledge I’ve gained from these past several months will make the years to come a hell of a lot easier and more exciting. Thanks for the experience!


I came into this internship with a solid fundamental understanding of what the advertising industry is like. However, I didn’t know what working at an agency would be like. HMH gave me the opportunity to see what it is really all about this summer. I have learned a lot during my time as an intern with HMH. Some of the things I have learned are…

About Working at an Agency:

  • Everyone is very busy
  • Working at an agency is fun
  • Research is key
  • Every day is different
  • It is important to make use of every minute because you never know when a new assignment might present itself

Things I have learned from/about HMH

  • Donna knows how to make the office fun and keep the creative energy flowing
  • I had no idea what was going on half of the time because of all the inside jokes (hey, have you seen my sandwich?)
  • Everything is completed through a team effort
  • There is a very strong team chemistry between employees at HMH
  • The future is bright at HMH!

Thank you for a great summer!