Leading the Charge of School Bus Electrification

By Mary McCormick | Copywriter

In recent years, all the buzz has been about sustainable vehicle solutions. Whether that’s electric, autonomous or other nontraditional forms of transportation, this presents an opportunity for advertising to make a difference.  

Last year, Thomas Built Buses came to us with a task. While the electric vehicle ecosystem can feel overwhelming at first, Thomas Built wanted their customers to know that they are not only prepared, but eager to guide them through every step of the EV process. In short, they have the tools, expertise and support districts need to add electric buses to their fleets. 

Here’s What We Did 

To elevate the brand as a leader in the electric space, we created a title that Thomas could get behind–the Electric Bus Authority. From here, our creative visionaries designed a campaign to highlight the brand’s expertise and ability to help customers navigate the world of electric buses. 

To acknowledge the complicated nature of entering the EV space, we inserted Thomas Built’s electric school bus into a world of electronic circuit boards that resemble cities and neighborhoods. This was a visual representation of what Thomas wanted to express. It takes a team to navigate the complex electric bus ecosystem. Trust the expert to lead the way. 

Here’s What Happened 

Thanks to a media mix of native, trade site banner, Google Display Network, paid search, and YouTube pre-roll placements, our Electric Bus Authority campaign made a major splash in the industry. To see the work, results and more, please read our full case study.