Putting the Active in “Interactive”


TruWood had long wanted an interactive tool to help builders, contractors, remodelers, architects and homeowners visualize TruWood Siding and Trim on their homes.

We took an active role in the development of this visualizer tool. In addition to helping upgrade the functionality, look and feel of the tool itself, we also used our design and copy expertise to create a fun and friendly user experience on the visualizer webpage.

The result is a tool that allows users to virtually test-drive, save and share more than 33 styles of siding, trim and accents. And the creation of new opportunities for TruWood to interact with current and potential customers.

TruWood debuted the tool at the 2018 Pacific Coast Builders Show and engagement was immediately strong. Users who landed on the page averaged six minutes per session and more than 1,300 created a project in the first quarter alone. Additionally, 34 percent of users came back to use the tool again, further boosting engagement. After all, a tool that works well gets used.