Portland International Auto Show

By Steve Marshall | Chief Growth Officer

I’m a man on a mission, I want to own an EV (electric vehicle). As a member of HMH, a creative agency focused on partnering with brands in the transportation industry, EV’s are normal water cooler conversations.

Like any prospective buyer of new technology, there’s always a lot to learn and more than enough reasons to procrastinate making a buying decision.

My family’s questions on the topic are no different from most,

  • Should I buy now or wait until battery technology and charging infrastructure mature?
  • Why do EV’s cost so much?
  • What car is right for us?
  • How much battery range do I need for it to be practical?
  • How do chargers work and how much do they cost, at home and in public?
  • How do you install a home charger?
  • What’s the real cost difference between filling up with gas vs electric fuel? Is it worth it?

Early this year, I made a strategic decision to go to the Portland Auto Show to check out all the EV’s on the market. Weeks later our agency became a partner of Forth Mobility, a non-profit organization focused on advancing clean and equitable transportation – https://forthmobility.org/  and during our onboarding process, I learned that they sponsor an event at the show called Electric Ave, an interactive display that answers all your electric car questions. I felt like I finally found my opportunity to “lean in” to learning and making a decision.

As fate would have it, discussions advanced with Forth Mobility, and they asked if anyone from our agency would like to roll up their sleeves and work Electric Ave as an EV consultant. As intimidated as I truly was, because I was a newbie, not a consultant on the topic, they assured me they’d teach me everything I needed to know.

Speed ahead to the show, I donned a bright blue Electric Ave t-shirt and went to work as an EV consultant. Candidly, I started my shift with a heavy dose of nerves, but I was convinced I should put myself out there to build some invaluable EV knowledge.

The team I worked with was AMAZING. They taught me more than I could ever imagine and before long I was engaged in discussions with the public feeling like a pro. As my shift was nearing its end, armed with 4-hours total experience, two families actually said, “I can’t wait to own an EV, but I just wish I knew as much about the topic as you do.”

I left that evening knowing that I’m ready. EV’s are not only amazingly cool and good for the world but the charging infrastructure is ready too. I also realized that I need to take this learning experience with me, so I’m asking myself, where else should I be applying a similar go-for-it, take some risk, attitude to advance my life?