One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Three if by…

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

Our second installment of ideas inspired by Trend Hunter takes us to new heights and new lows (in a good way, of course!). Here we go:

If a ride into space isn’t every billionaire’s cup of tea, or they’re just looking to expand on their unique adventures, how about something a little more down to earth?

The Amphi-X is sure to  please luxury buyers and get them where they need to go in futuristic style, whether that be by land or by sea. This concept vehicle is set to launch in 2030, according to Tuvi (designer Beichen Nan).

If land and water aren’t enough, how about this amphibious jet, the Hyperlight Aeros, designed by Lee Rosario and published on Yanko Design? It may only be able to climb to 20,000 feet above the ground (that’s nothing compared to the 300,000+ achieved by our space-flying billionaires), or 20 feet below the surface of the water, but it’s still pretty impressive and will offer its wealthy passengers some stellar views.

If simply getting from ‘A to B’ isn’t your goal, but adventure is, check out the Audi X designed by Andrej Zachar (and also found on Yanko Design). This dreamy all-purpose vehicle’s place may be limited to land and water, but I’m pretty sure the fun is limitless.

And just for fun (since we are in the ad biz, afterall), when you happen to be back on land and are driving through the sluggish traffic that is all too common anymore, you just might be served a Heinz ad on Waze that rewards drivers crawling along the interstate at the same renowned rate as their ketchup pour (.045 kilometers per hour). The payoff? A free Whopper and some ketchup. How fun is that!? Not everything has to future-forward to be cool, right?

No matter who you are, the size of your wallet or the places you want to go, it’s pretty clear that the future of mobility holds some fun and fabulous possibilities.