Nurturing Nature


THE GOOD NEWS: Idaho Power has a storied legacy of environmental stewardship.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD NEWS: Not many people knew about it.

To help spread the word about Idaho Power’s good works for our good earth, we created “Positive Energy,” a campaign that employed hard-hitting statistics and emotional appeal to speak to the hearts and minds of our audience. This right-brain/left-brain approach told the story through the voices of Idaho Power’s environmental scientists, using proof points to demonstrate the breadth and depth of their efforts—and the results.

The response was as positive as the work itself. The multi-media campaign garnered an 80% recall rate of the campaign’s messaging, increased awareness of Idaho Power’s environmental efforts, and received glowing feedback from Idaho Power customers and employees. The 60-second television commercial also racked up an Idaho Advertising Federation Rockie Award, which looked great next to previous years’ honors for our 13-year client.

It was a win for one of our favorite longtime clients and a win for our planet. For us, that’s the nature of true success.