No Tellys on the Bus!

By Christina Chu | Public Relations Account Supervisor

One perk of our job is working on fun and creative projects. Really, that’s the main perk. After all, imagine not only being paid to spend a day in a school bus, with a horse, shooting a video that goes viral, but also winning an award for it.

That’s pretty much an average day here, but not so average that we aren’t excited about winning a bronze Telly award for the Thomas Built Buses Safety video we created with Bored Shorts. If you haven’t watched it, we have it for you right below.

Our aim was to start a conversation about school bus safety, and to direct parents, teachers and children to the Thomas Built Buses website to learn more about how to be safe while on or around a school bus.

In addition to getting thousands of families to download the safety information from the website, the video has attracted nearly half a million views and counting. And now we can add a Telly to the list of successes.

But we still can’t take it on the bus.