Mind Over Money

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director

Over the past decade, there’s been a mind-shift toward money. Especially when it comes to how trusting we are about advice, investments and security. Put simply, we aren’t. We don’t trust that our money is safe just because someone tells us it is (think Bernie Madoff and Enron). We’re paying closer attention; taking control of our own finances. Even elevating the importance of saving. But sometimes, just sometimes, we need a little push. Enter some helpful motivators. Take Acorns (acorns.com) for instance, an app that rounds up user’s purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically invests the difference into stocks of their choice. Or Common Pence (commonpence.co), which donates leftover change from London’s Oyster travel passes to charities (well, OK, this one speaks to our philanthropic side, but at least we’re not just wasting the change). Or Digit (digit.co) which automates user’s savings by moving small amounts of money into a savings account each week. Taking control of our financial destiny…for our own good… just needs a little push sometimes. Thank goodness for technology and the smart minds that created it based on what they knew was best for us.