Making the Most of Mobile


It’s no surprise that mobile advertising is on the rise, but the statistics on usage and engagement are showing an interesting trend.

According to eMarketer, 80% of smartphone Internet time is spent with apps while only 20% is mobile web. This trend is expected to continue as apps proliferate the market making tasks on your phone quicker and easier. And that’s just what consumers want.

Mobile is about enhancing and complementing what’s happening in the physical world.  Not replacing it.

This presents a number of opportunities for us marketers – outside of just our creative ideas and ad development.

Digital and Physical Interaction

Mobile users are demanding reliable in-store Wi-Fi for research, price comparisons and reviews.  And then they expect knowledgeable associates who are able to provide information above and beyond what they find online.

Many retailers are making it easy by providing QR codes or links to reviews right on the product label and are offering price match guarantees that compete with even the toughest of online retailers.

Programmatic Campaigns

Programmatic campaigns are on the rise. In fact, eMarketer predicts that 83% of all ad buying in 2017 will be programmatic campaigns.  The reason?  Programmatic campaigns interact with mobile users on a personal level, quickly delivering ads at the right time when they will resonate most.  After all, that’s just the mobile experience that consumers are looking for – an efficient, personalized one.

Dynamic and Interactive Ad Units

The use of mobile technology allows users’ location to be tracked, which makes way for dynamically animated banners and delivery that dovetails with consumers’ locations and activities.   Again, it’s all about enhancing what is happening in the real world and being timely and relevant.

The world of mobile advertising today is about much more than banner ads and push notifications.  Mobile advertising is about new, dynamic content and linking the physical world to the digital interface.  It’s an exciting time for marketers and for the consumers who are about to experience the awesomeness that we can create.