Life’s Been Good to Us So Far

By Dana Thomas | Digital and Social Media Strategist

Think back to 1978.

Maybe you weren’t even a glimmer in your parents’ eyes. Maybe you were a toddler. Maybe you were well into your teens and rocking out to Van Halen’s debut album. Maybe you were just graduating from college and starting a new career. Maybe it was the year you finally tried “Nair for short shorts” (Google it).

Whatever was going on, we think we can all agree that 1978 was an eventful year.

  • Postage stamps were 15 cents
  • Johnny Carson hosted the Tonight Show
  • Animal House played movie theaters, and Annie Hall won the Oscar for best movie
  • Keith Moon, charismatic drummer from the Who, accidentally overdosed and died
  • The cost of a Super Bowl TV ad was only $162,000
  • Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley were top TV shows
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos and Simon were the favorite games of the day
  • Aveda shampoo was invented
  • Ben and Jerry opened their first ice cream parlor in Vermont
  • Lowenbrau beer had one of the ad taglines of the year: “Here’s to good friends
  • The Bee Gees topped the charts with their many singles from “Saturday Night Fever”
  • HMH hung its shingle…

Hey, what? Yes, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. To put us all in the right mindset, we created a fun music playlist from 1978. Turn up the volume and enjoy a ride down memory lane.