Just the Ticket. Or in This Case, the Card.


TriMet’s new transit fare system is easy to use and even easier to love. But change is hard, even if that change is designed to make things easier. So to launch Hop Fastpass, we wanted to turn something scary into something fun and friendly – to create a campaign that engages audiences, raises awareness and sets up a successful launch.

We created the name Hop Fastpass to reflect the system’s fast, easy way to pay and ride – whether it’s by bus, train or streetcar. We complemented the name’s energetic, action-oriented vibe with a modern logo that’s fresh, friendly and, of course, fast.

Next we tackled “approachable” by developing TriMet’s new spokesblobs, the Hopsters. The Hopsters debuted in a print and poster campaign that showcased the tap-and-go ease of Hop Fastpass. These illustrated characters also appeared in out-of-home marketing such as transit, in-store decals, vehicle wraps, stress balls, stickers and tattoos.

We rounded out traditional elements with green guerrilla marketing: power-washed stencils strategically “cleaned” onto prime sidewalks around town. This green graffiti generated buzz and showcased TriMet’s innovative nature.

The campaign is loved by TriMet, riders and Portland-metro residents. It gives the regional transit authority inroads to a successful product launch and sets the stage for what’s ahead. Now we’re all going places.