If You Build It, They Will Come

By Megan Miller | VP/Client Services Director

Portland General Electric (PGE) has been at the forefront of the utility space for years. They have been transforming at a rapid clip by investing in clean and reliable energy, modernizing the smart grid, enabling transportation electrification, and empowering customers with future-focused options. The goal? Creating a clean and resilient energy future, of course.

PGE’s push for a more sustainable future involves curbing Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions. And, with transportation being the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, PGE is working to lead the way in building the electric vehicle charging infrastructure we need. We’re all familiar with gas stations, and the aim is to make electric charging stations just as universal. PGE started the process with the launch of their Electric Avenues a few years ago, the first of which was located in downtown Portland. In conjunction with their regional “Full Clean Future” creative marketing and education program, they accelerated the development of their charging stations in partnership with Oregon communities they serve.


HMH partnered with PGE on the strategic planning and creation of their Full Clean Future marketing communications creative campaign, which then led to us designing the look of the new charging station units.


The charging station graphic design is intentionally an extension of the PGE brand – clean, fresh, approachable, iconic – instilling credibility and confidence by leveraging the familiarity and trust of that brand.


The electric charging stations speak for themselves – they are their own version of outdoor signage. Eye catching, easy to identify and critical to the clean energy movement – making it easier for more of us to adopt new behaviors to get to that resilient, clean energy future.

See the design and check out more of the details with our case study.