Hooray! The New Website is Done?

By Steve Cox | Group Creative Director

The hardest thing to get done at an agency or design firm is getting work done for that agency or design firm. Like the mechanic’s car that doesn’t run or the cobbler’s kids who have no shoes or whatever analogy you like, self-promotion at a creative shop takes back seat to client work – which is as it should be.

But of all those projects that take a back seat, websites, well, let’s just say that what starts out as fun turns into a long haul. There are meetings. Many meetings. Many, many meetings. So many meetings. And so many opinions. Juggling that while still trying to build something that represents you the way you want to be represented – that everyone likes or at least doesn’t hate – that ain’t easy. I’ve been working on this site since I came back to HMH and it pre-dated me a good number of months. I think I’ve only been working on my house longer.

What made our new site even more challenging was a change in our brand positioning. Actually, change isn’t the right word. Our new positioning has always been there. On my first tour at HMH, we were nice. Not as a positioning, but everyone was actually nice. Coming back some years later, I wasn’t surprised to see that we’re still nice. Looking at all the agency initiatives started over the years, I could see we’ve danced around this position of being nice. Nice is often seen or perceived as a negative in this business. As though you can’t be creative without being a raging, arrogant ass. Not true. I’ve worked with incredibly talented people you wouldn’t want to spend five minutes with and less talented people you couldn’t help but want to bake cookies for. More importantly, I’ve worked – and still do – with talented people who are cookie-worthy. The same holds true for clients. We like to spend our days with people we like.

So we’ve finally embraced the nice, only with an edge. After all, nice is in our DNA and you can’t ignore your DNA. So you’ll see nice big and bold when you visit our site – but only once a month unless you clear your cache. And everything else was built from there with the speed of a stalagmite. (But not your site. We’ll set our work aside to get yours up and running.)

Now, finally, our site is done. Actually, to be accurate, the site is live. There are already a number of updates in line. If you wait until it’s perfect, until it’s done, it will never launch.

And when we made it live, I happily said, “Time to start on the next site.”

They thought I was joking. I wasn’t joking.

So take a look at the site and if you like what you see and want to have a talk, come on by. We’ll make cookies.

If you’re nice.