Homes for the Holidays


To say the housing market in Oregon is hot is an understatement. With homes in some neighborhoods staying on the market only minutes before selling, it would seem easy to find a buyer for your property. Of course, you need to lead the right buyers to the right home, and that’s where we were able to help Stafford Homes.

Stafford Homes is a Northwest builder specializing in custom-built quality homes. They’ve even been awarded at the Street of Dreams for their craftsmanship and design. So, delivering this high-level of quality for spec homes at affordable prices seems like an easy sell. However, Stafford has followed a plan of building homes in neighborhoods just outside of Oregon’s larger metro areas. We needed to reach potential buyers who wanted a little more space and a slower pace of life, and make them aware that the new home they want really does exist. And, we needed to do it before the yearly slowdown in home sales that occurs over the holiday season.

With the need to create and implement the entire campaign within a month to respond to this tight sales window, we got right to work. We created digital and newspaper ads designed to drive people to the website, and strategically placed them with a targeted media campaign. We supported the creative campaign with an SEM effort to further reach our audience and maximize positive momentum. And home buyers did take notice.

During the month-long campaign, our placed media drove 89 percent of all of Stafford’s site traffic, as well as 78 percent of all floor plan downloads and 89 percent of video views. Additionally, our SEM campaign resulted in an average position ranking of 1.4, which means Stafford’s paid search ads were more than likely to be the top search result, with a click-through rate at more than 5%. Most important of all, by the end of the campaign, Stafford had signed offers for many of the homes they wanted to sell. We were able to respond to a new client’s urgent need, getting up to speed with their operation and delivering strong results. All of which made our client very happy.