HMH – The Transportation Transformation Agency

By Ed Herinckx | President

The dawn of a new era is upon us. Just as the internet reshaped commerce and human interaction, and the smart phone transformed how we engage with the world, the rise of dramatically different ways in how people and goods move is fundamentally altering the world’s current operating structure.

These changes are bringing massive disruption to people, processes and technology. Just as rail, air travel and automobiles rewrote our sense of time and distance, so too will autonomous travel, connected vehicles, advanced safety systems, and a shift in energy and propulsion technologies. These differences fundamentally break the current global transportation model. A completely different framework of understanding how we move, how we ship and receive, and how we engage with technology is replacing our current relationships with time, space, distance, ownership, and social entitlement.

This transformative disruption requires imagination, bravery and boldness – character traits that are at the DNA of HMH. For more than two decades we’ve been a partner to leading brands that are creating the future of transportation, driving change across commercial, industrial, and consumer markets. This is our time. We are deeply experienced, skilled, and passionate. Through insights, creativity and technology, we aim to make the world better by working with companies who are changing how the world moves.