HMH Stops and Smells the Roseys


We always have fun creating, storytelling and educating, and sometimes, when the work starts to come alive (literally) we have even more fun.

This past year, HMH partnered with TriMet for the Hop campaign. The challenge was unique: how do we make change fun, and well, friendly?

First, we started by naming TriMet’s new electronic fare system, known as Hop Fastpass. Next, we created spokesblobs, called Hopsters, and the campaign was born. Beloved by the Portland community, the Hopsters were the ticket to TriMet’s success.

And thanks to the Hopsters, HMH has won a highly-acclaimed Climbing Rose award at this year’s Rosey Awards show from the Portland Advertising Federation.

As you can see from the work below, we had a blast working on the campaign. And the new hardware from the Roseys is icing on the cake.