HMH Powers Your Playlist

By Dana Thomas | Digital and Social Media Strategist

As we approach spring and summer breaks, and the country becomes more vaccinated, we’re all thinking about the things we missed out on in this most challenging last year, most notably travel and vacations. 

At HMH, we’re committed to powering brands that are focused on transforming the transportation industry. That includes everything from electric vehicles to autonomous modes of transportation, advanced safety systems and sustainable mobility. And while that doesn’t currently include the music industry, a little pick-me-up song from our favorite band never hurt our motivation and helps transport us to a different mindset. 

Music and motivation go together, and the music we choose to listen to affects our mood, outlook and even creative performance. In fact, there’s an entire neuro-scientific niche devoted to music, called neuromusicology. According to AccessScience

Neuromusicology is a scientific discipline concerned with the function of the brain in music processing. Although neuromusicology is an area of study that utilizes present-day neurological methodologies and techniques, it is rooted in traditional cultural beliefs, and many ancient societies believed that music has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. 

Listening to music also helps with a lot of other issues we experience every day. 

  1. Music reduces fatigue by introducing something new and fresh into your brain, providing a distraction that helps your brain continue working and improving endurance. 
  1. Music increases stimulation, encouraging us to move. Whether your preferred movement is through dance or running, it applies to movement in general. 
  1. Music helps with motor coordination which also helps boost self-confidence. 
  1. And, lastly, music helps us relieve stress and relax our brains at the end of a hard day. And let’s be real: we’ve had a tough last 365 days. 

So, we’ve put together a transportation-focused playlist for you. And it’s not just about life on the road. We’re talking about leaving on jet planes. Driving fast cars. Going into space. Taking midnight trains to Georgia. Wanting to ride bicycles. Sailing away. And best of all? You can listen to this from the convenience of your earbuds at home while you work, or you can turn it up loud on your next road trip. 

You can listen to the playlist here.