HMH is now Google Display Network Certified


Robb Beck, HMH’s digital campaign and analytics manager, has added another Google certification to our roster. Robb has just become certified in Google’s Display Network.  So what?

For clients, this new certification means that Robb has proven his expertise in creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing complex display campaigns in the ever-changing digital landscape.  As more and more brands are advertising digitally, online advertising has become more complex, more expensive in some cases and definitely more competitive.  Brands need an agency who understands the digital landscape, how display ads are placed, which ones resonate best with consumers, and how to effectively measure their effectiveness.

Google provides one of the most up-to-date programs on navigating the new complex world of display advertising. Robb has not only honed his skills by learning from the leader, but has demonstrated his competency through this certification.

Lucky you, lucky us.