HMH Earns Bronze Medal

By Christina Chu | Public Relations Account Supervisor

Public relations can be a tricky thing. Sometimes you have limited control of what the media will print about your client, even though you try your best to provide careful messaging to shape the outcome of a story. Other times, you have complete control through bylined articles written for or by your clients. It’s the golden opportunity – well maybe more of a bronzed opportunity.

HMH is pleased to announce that its work in collaboration with Thomas Built Buses has earned a Bronze medal in the 24th Annual International Automotive Media Competition in the Writing – Technical, Reference Category. Through this award-winning cover story, HMH was able to position Thomas Built Buses as a thought leader in the industry, and a go-to source for information on alternative fuels for school buses. Adding an award on top of that, well that’s just icing on the cake!