HMH Awards: Target

By Dana Thomas | Digital and Social Media Strategist


CATEGORY: Hitting the bullseye on employee appreciation


Target has spent years becoming the preferred big box store for one-stop shopping. While the pandemic has hurt a lot of retail businesses, they’ve figured out ways to make it easier to shop, whether it’s ordering online or sidewalk pickup. And they still need their employees to help get the job done. 

In March, they raised the hourly wage of their employees by $2 and offered them a one-time, $200 bonus. The company is extending benefits it began offering during the pandemic, including free backup care for employees’ children or needy adults through August, free mental health counseling and 30-day paid leave for employees at higher risk of Covid-19. And now they’ve determined that the $15/hour will become the standard rate of pay moving forward. So with all these changes, it’s not just customers who can “expect more.” It’s employees, too.