HMH Awards: Squarespace

By Jason Searcy | Senior Copywriter

RECIPIENT: Squarespace

CATEGORY: Igniting the creative spirit with the power of story (and one brave carrot)

I never thought I’d get emotional watching a carrot break the sound barrier and escape Earth’s gravity. But thanks to Squarespace’s in-house “Launch It” spot, I did. A little.

That’s because a well-crafted story made me believe in this carrot. It made me believe in colorful cakes, artisan honey, hand-painted nesting dolls and iron stallion sculptures, too. It made me believe that the people who sent these objects into the great beyond weren’t just small business owners, but creative, industrious and fearless pioneers that wanted to say more than just “hello world.” It made me believe that they wanted to take on the world.

Between the farmer tirelessly cycling through fonts, the yoga instructor serenely visualizing ecommerce success and the earbud inventors breathlessly hover-stating over the “launch” button, the ad paints a true-to-life journey that many big ideas take. It’s a journey of anticipation, struggle, relief and reward – and it’s one that has the power to make absurd imagery that much sweeter. I’m looking at you, flying root vegetable.

So, remember this: The next time you find yourself getting a bit emotional about something silly, it’s ok. Let your chest swell with pride and take a little giant leap into the feels. There’s probably a story at work. Way to go, Squarespace. Way to go above and beyond.