HMH Awards: Rite Aid

By Denise Hollingsworth | VP, Group Strategy Director


CATEGORY:  Delivering Hangovers Right to Your Door

Rite Aid recently partnered with Instacart to offer customers an easier and safer shopping experience. So, what’s the big deal? And why did we take notice and think the chain worthy of an HMH Award?  It’s because they took an unexpected turn with their partnership and their promotion of the partnership. And we love it when brands take us by surprise!

What we expected:

  1. Rite Aid aligning with Instacart to deliver prescriptions (didn’t happen).
  2. Rite Aid aligning with Instacart to deliver ‘essentials’ (did happen).

What we didn’t expect:

  1. Alcohol being categorized as an ‘essential’ (OK, maybe not totally unexpected).
  2. Seeing a promotion specific to alcohol delivery.

This speaks volumes about Rite Aid’s strategy during the pandemic. They’ve recognized that drinking has shifted from out-of-home to in-home. And they were bold enough to go to unexpected areas to keep their brand relevant in new ways.

Keep us guessing, Rite Aid. We love surprises. Cheers!