HMH Awards: Rick Steves’ Europe

By Steve Marshall | Chief Growth Officer

RECIPIENT: Rick Steves’ Europe

CATEGORY: Taking a local detour around a global slowdown

At a time when employers have justly struggled to balance dramatic revenue declines and decreasing headcount needs with their sincere appreciation for their employees, Rick Steves’ Europe put their people before profits.

Faced with the reality that Rick Steves’ Europe’s 100+ employees were going to face hard times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Steves reassured each of them that they would be taken care of. All he asked was that they join forces through a new entity he created, Rick Steves’ Volunteer Corp (RSVC), and that they commit their talent and energy to one of several chosen non-profits that needed reliable staff more than ever. This meant that people who were used to helping adventurous souls with their European travel plans quickly became full-time, paid volunteers that could choose whether they wanted to clean Pacific N.W. trails, serve at local food banks, deliver food to seniors as part of Meals on Wheels or work a phone bank to remind people to get out and vote.

Rick Steves’ Europe should quickly find that their generosity and corporate spirit will result in many more loyal employees, brand ambassadors, customers and profits than they ever dreamt possible.