HMH Awards: Progressive

By Kristin Young | VP, Group Account Director

RECIPIENT: Progressive Insurance

CATEGORY:  Making Us Laugh at Our Parents – and Ourselves

You know the saying: most of us turn into our parents, eventually. It is possible to have too many throw pillows. No, you don’t need to advise the repair people that you hire. You can eat breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

Given the state of the world and the new normal, we’re all craving some commonalities and humor. Progressive has created some great campaigns over the years. Their latest is no exception. Rick, the (un)official Parenta-Life coach is here to help all of us with his pioneering work in the field of Parentology.

There are few spots or videos that make us smile and laugh every time we see them. Progressive’s Dr. Rick spots do just that. They’ve even s. Sharing a laugh about something many of us have in common is just what we need right now.

Keep up the coaching, Dr. Rick, one new homeowner at a time.