HMH Awards: New York State

By Dana Thomas | Digital and Social Media Strategist

RECIPIENT: New York State

CATEGORY: Protecting Dank Squads

New York State was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic early on. Governor Andrew Cuomo made a name for himself by providing daily briefings to his constituents, urging them to follow safety guidelines when it came to wearing masks, socially distancing and staying home. His efforts paid off as New York started a downward trend of coronavirus cases in mid-summer, proving that science actually works.

Now that we’re rounding the bend into fall and winter – prime flu season – the State of New York and First We Feast, an online food/culture magazine and YouTube channel, collaborated on a clever way to keep the safety messages going, and especially targeting younger people. How did they achieve that? By using the perennially-young Paul Rudd (seriously, he never ages!) to get the message out about wearing masks whenever in public. Rudd used his comedic chops to not only make fun of himself, but make the spot memorable. For those of us who are closer in age to Rudd, it was a nice reminder that a) we’re no longer young and b) it’s ok to make fun of ourselves. For the target audience, it was a funny way to communicate a very serious mess